Chang'e 1 launch between October 22 and 25, Chinese lunar sample-return in 2013

Chang'e-1 in orbit around the Moon. Credits: CNSA

Recently a lot of information on the upcoming launch of Chang'e-1 has become available. According to, Chang'e-1 will be launched between October 22 and 25. According to, the launch will take place at 18:05 CST, October 24th.

Also, Sun Laiyan, the director of the National Space Administration, released some detailed information from the 11th Five-Year Plan Period (2006-2010), about the future Chinese space exploration roadmap.

According to Sun, China will carry further manned-spacecraft experiments, including spacewalk and spacecraft docking. A space laboratory will also be launched. China also plans to launch its own lunar orbiters before 2010 to examine the space environment around the moon. In 2013, it might send its lunar surveyor to patrol the surface of the moon and collect samples of lunar materials.