Our Mission

The Lunex Mission

Working for a permanent presence of humanity on the Moon

The Lunar Explorers Society (Lunex) is an international, non-profit space advocacy organization with a worldwide member base. Lunex works to promote the exploration of the Moon for the benefit of humanity, through a permanent presence of humans on the Moon.

The Moon is the next and most important step in the human exploration of the solar system, and Lunex is dedicated to help humans return permanently to the Moon through furthering international cooperation, outreach activities and informing the general public.

In pursuing this aim we hope to bring the best of humanity to the Moon, and to bring the benefits of the Moon to all people on Earth through a sustainable exploration process.

Prime objectives

  • To raise awareness of what could be achieved by returning to the Moon through educational and outreach activities. We want to reach as many people as possible, world-wide, to explain our cause and its benefits to humanity.
  • To promote international cooperation between scientists working on Lunar missions by providing a neutral platform for their discussions

How we do it

The Lunar Explorers Society provides an infrastructure for all it members to share research results and to easily get in touch with each other. We invite all members of the Lunar exploration community to participate in the information exchange, and we are particularly interested in forging contacts between established science community and the younger lunar explorers.

Every year we organize an event for young lunar explorers (YLE) in conjunction with the International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon (ICEUM). The plan is to start organizing such events at other lunar conferences as well, and Lunex is open for suggestions on where we can best do this! The format of these events varies, in the past we have had talks by key lunar exploration figures mixed by talks from young lunar explorers and discussion sessions.

About This Site

  • The Lunar Explorers Society welcomes any interested individual to become a member and participate in any way you can. Become a Lunar Explorer!
  • This site aims to describe our activities, host discussion forums for ideas for Lunar exploration and should become a meeting point for anyone interested in Lunar Exploration.
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