First gallery of Art&Science in Space: together to ISS, Moon and Mars

The Moon Gallery

We fly the Moon Gallery Test Flight with Nanoracks to the International Space Station aboard the NG-17 rocket within the framework of a Northrop Grumman Cygnus NG-17 resupply mission on 19 February of 2022, from Wallops Island Virginia. This edition of the gallery 8x8 grid features 1 cm3 cells housing 64 physical artifacts and one engraved AR artwork. 65 art projects featured in the gallery will reach the final frontier of human habitat and mark the historical meeting point of the Moon Gallery and the cosmos.

Bernard Foing, chairman of MoonGallery Foundation and of LUNEX Lunar Explorers, says: “ Reaching low Earth orbit on our way to the Moon is the first step in extending our cultural dialogue to space. The space and artistic communities are looking forward the upcoming launch of MoonGallery Test Flight and ISS operations, and want to engage all MoonMars Villagers on Earth in its success and benefits for Art, Science, Space and Community.”

“As our next milestone, we go to the International Space Station. The gallery will fly closer to its ultimate home – the Moon – to soon serve its purpose. That is becoming the seed of a new interplanetary culture.”, say the MoonGallery artists and space explorers. “For this mission, we have collected art pieces that carry important values for humanity not only at this point on Earth but also for a future multi planetary society. The final artworks to be exhibited at the International Space Station will be the “pioneers” of the Moon Gallery: our first pieces to go to space and to channel our values into the universe”, says the MoonGallery curator team. After the exhibition, the gallery will be safely returned to Earth to prepare it for the next adventure. “I am very proud to be a part of the MoonGallery. I hope to play a part in the building of the first MoonBase on the Moon.” says Henk Rogers, from Hawaii & New York, founder and director of International Moonbase Alliance, and one MoonGallery Test Flight ISS artist with artwork “The Human Pearl”.

A number of MoonGallery artists and experts will be present for a series of events in New-York, Washington DC, Wallops Island launch base to celebrate space, science, arts and astronauts. Eva Petric, artist from New-York, Austria and Slovenia contributed two pieces, that she describes: “EARTHLINGtattooSEAL is the 3D form of my Stem Cell Potential image, transferred into a lace pattern, visualizing connections within and amongst us, the blueprint of our E@motional EARTHLING existence”. “Data Base of Emotions  DBE – A Message from Earth scented soil cube from EuroMoonMars mission at the Hawaii's SEAS base is an emotion tuner, tuning us with the Earthling in us wherever we are, even in space.” Mary Kuiper, has participated to many Moon Gallery exhibitions since 2018. She developed the support structure for Moon Gallery ISS. For preparing her Artwork “Sending Mitochondrial DNA to the Moon” she went to sample Icelandic poney hair: “Looking upon Earth from space you wonder why people are so intolerant”, says Ronald Vles from the Netherlands, great traveller, violist with artwork “Heart of Friendship” on MoonGallery ISS. Masahito Ono, made the piece “Longing and Belonging” for Moon Gallery ISS, and says: “This is the second time I am taking my project up to the ISS in Low Earth-Orbit. “Space is our medium. It is the space that transforms our ideas into artwork. We owe the responsibility to share the stories with the earthlings of today and those of the future, to inspire, to make people think about our existence on this planet Earth.”
“We hope that the ISS will inspire humanity to live in harmony and love with the Moon, the Earth and all human beings”, say Mai Wada and Anastasia Kokori, who made the piece ” When the Rose Petal travels to the Moon”.

Other MoonGallery space artists will join the events virtually from all over the world. The artscientists onboard MoonGallery Test Flight ISS can be contacted to tell their story and vision towards ISS and the Moon: Adrian Labaut Hernandez, Alberta Vita, Alessandro Ravagnan, Alexandra Arshanskaya, Aneta Zeleznikova, Annamaria Zanella, Aoife van Linden Tol, Arti Struyanskiy, Benjamin Pothier, Beyond Earth, Carmelo Pampillonio & Samuel Hertz, Christoph Draeger & Martin Frei, Dana LaMonda, Daniel Michalik, Eduardo Kac, Elina Aekseeva, Eline Radstake, Emmanuele Villani, Eva Petric, Francesca Andreozzi, Guiseppe Fava, Gabriele Lorusso, Gillian Fitzpatrick & Justin Donnelly, Guy Livingston, Hady Milani, Hans Brooymans, Henk Rogers, Imaginary Futures, Isabella Douzoglou, Jack Madden, Jamal Ageli, João Prates, Johan Recén Larsson, Jone Suardi, Kristina Okan, Lakshmi Mohanbabu, Lakshmi Mohanbabu & Matteo Seita, Lisa Pettibone, Lisa Van Casand, Lorenzo Viscidi Bluer, Mai Wada & Anastasia Kokori, Marcus Neustetter, Micha Klein, Mark IJzerman, Martin Sjardijn, Mary Kuiper, Masahito Ono, Mateja Šušterši? Dimic & Eva Petric, Max Baraitser Smith, Minna Philips, Paula Romero Franco, Peter Westenbrink, Plamen Yordanov, Priyanka Das Rajkakati, Renato Japi, Renzo Pasquale, Ronald Vles, Ruth Best, Caroline, Hansje, Vera & Sophie Hooghiemstra, Jorick de Quaasteniet, Studio Samira Boon, Téa Boyarchuk, Thomas Heidtmann, Tuuli Utriainen, The Gathering.

Launch support events (courtesy of International MoonBase Alliance/LUNEX/EuroMoonMars/ArtMoonMars/MoonGallery) will be organized with some space experts and artists, and remote link with colleagues worldwide in New York City, Washington DC and Wallops Island.