EuroMoonMars Workshop Summer 2022

EuroMoonMars Virtual Workshop June 2022

The EMM virtual workshop was organized on June 6th, 2022. Various members from EuroMoonMars presented their work on technical and physiological aspects of Space sciences.

This workshop covered diverse topics like data analyses, space weather and the progressing work on Lander, spectrometry based applications and its analysis, rover testing and sampling. Analog astronauts from previous EMMPOL campaign participated in this event sharing their own scientific experiences, highlighting the experiments based on astronaut simulations, human factors and habitat changes in the data trends over time. Two missions to simulate life on board confined environments were organised last April by EuroMoonMars at the Analog Astronaut Training Centre facility in Poland. During the workshop, participants were able to share reports of their experiences and experiments conducted on the missions.

EuroMoonMars contributors are based in various locations around the world, and the workshop, organised this time in virtual form, allowed our scientific network to update each other on the developments of ongoing projects. The workshop showed how experts with different knowledge and fields of experience converge within EuroMoonMars, but with one common point:a big passion for Space.