WEBB telescope reveals first images: let's look at the Universe with new eyes!

Webb Telescope First Image revealed

Launched last Christmas, the Webb Telescope has finally given us the gift we have all been waiting for. Seeing the first images that have been released by scientists is exciting. It has been about six months since the launch of this instrument - a concentrate of cutting-edge technology and scientific knowledge - and, we can now say, the wait was absolutely worth it.

We remember with excitement the event we organised at the launch last December and the trepidation with which we watched this innovative instrument take off, taking flight on its very ambitious mission. Today we can celebrate its success.

The Webb telescope - some one and a half million kilometres away from our planet - has deployed and successfully positioned itself to reveal to us things that nothing before had been able to show us. US President Joe Biden had the privilege of revealing to the expectant world the first image, which is destined to go down in history: the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, now also called Webb's First Deep Field.

In the face of such cosmic beauty, all we can say is: how wonderful!