Lunar Explorers Sponsorship Details

Thank you for taking any interest in sponsoring the Lunar Explorers Society, your sponsorship is an invaluable part of the society's effort!

Sponsoring the Lunar Explorers Society at any level will help to increase the activities of Lunex on a worldwide basis. We spend most of the money we receive providing young lunar explorers with partial travel scholarships to come to important international lunar conferences around the world.

In 2007, the Lunar Explorers Society provided partial sponsorship to three student to come to the 9th International Conference on the Exploration and Utilization of the Moon (ICEUM9). At the same conference the Lunar Explorers Society was awarded the "Young Lunar Explorers Award" by ILEWG for their recent work to introduce and include young people to the world of lunar exploration.

Lunar Eclipse: Above 1000€

Lunar eclipse sponsors are companies, agencies and private persons who strongly believes lunar exploration will be a global undertaking in the future, to the benefit of human kind. You are willing to follow up your vision by providing the Lunar Explorers Society with an anual or one-time financial support of more than € 1000.

Full Moon Level: 500-1000€

Half Moon Level: 100-500€

New Moon Level: Up to 100€

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