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EuroMoonMars Workshop Summer 2022

EuroMoonMars Virtual Workshop June 2022

The EMM virtual workshop was organized on June 6th, 2022. Various members from EuroMoonMars presented their work on technical and physiological aspects of Space sciences.

EuroMoonMars Collaborators at EGU22 in Vienna

EGU22 in Vienna

At the EGU General Assembly in Vienna several members of the EuroMoonMars community had the chance to meet both in person in Vienna, together with 7315 on-site attendees, and online, thanks to the hybrid format of this year.

EMMPOL 10&11: Analog missions at the Analog Astronaut Training Center in Poland

EMMPOL10 & Mars Society Belgium Event Invitation

The EMMPOL missions stem from the collaboration between EuroMoonMars and the Analog Astronaut Training Center in Poland. In 2018, AATC established a laboratory to simulate space environment for scientific experiments focused on space biology and medicine. The facility is located in Rzepiennik, Southern Poland.

LICA EuroMoonMars main campaign in Atacama Chile

EMM scouting campaign, Laguna Turquesa at salar de Pedernales (3300 m asl). Credit: Bernard Foing, EuroMoonMars Chile

The 2022 LICA/EMM expedition took place from 21 February to 5 March 2022 with 10 days spent in high altitude (from 3300 m to 6600 m Ojos del Salado). Experiments were conducted in geophysics, geochemistry, volcanology, microbiology/astrobiology, high altitude health and medicine. A mobile laboratory and diverse instruments were used.

First gallery of Art&Science in Space: together to ISS, Moon and Mars

The Moon Gallery

We fly the Moon Gallery Test Flight with Nanoracks to the International Space Station aboard the NG-17 rocket within the framework of a Northrop Grumman Cygnus NG-17 resupply mission on 19 February of 2022, from Wallops Island Virginia. This edition of the gallery 8x8 grid features 1 cm3 cells housing 64 physical artifacts and one engraved AR artwork.

International Lunar Exploration Awards 2008: Who are the winners?

ILEWG Logo. Credits: ILEWG

[ILEWG Press Release - 07.11.2008]
What are the lunar highlights of the year? The winners of "International Lunar Exploration Awards 2008" have just been announced by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) at a Lunar Explorers Conference in Cape Canaveral.

The ILEWG Awards celebrate the top lunar achievements in science, technology, international cooperation, community service, commerce and outreach, says Bernard Foing, ILEWG Executive Director.

Google Lunar X Prize awarded the Young Lunar Explorers Award

Lunex logo. Credits: Lunex

[Lunex Press Release - 04.11.2008]
The Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) received the Young Lunar Explorers Award at the LEAG-ICEUM10-SRR conference, October 30th 2008. GLXP was selected as the winner of the award by the Lunar Explorers Society.

The award was given to the GLXP because of the wide reaching effect the GLXP has had on promoting lunar exploration among young people around the world. Several GLXP teams are run by students or have strong student participation, and the general outreach caused by the announcement of the prize has ignited a world wide desire among young people to be a part of the return to the Moon.

Cape Canaveral Lunar Declaration 2008 Released

ILEWG Logo. Credits: ILEWG

[ILEWG Press Release - 04.11.2008]
The "Cape Canaveral Lunar Declaration 2008" was discussed and approved by ILEWG-LEAG-SRR conference participants on the last day (31 October) of a very successful and interactive lunar conference.

Approximately 200 International Lunar Explorers gathered at the 10th ILEWG Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon (ICEUM10) co-sponsored by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG), NASA Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), Space Resources Roundtable (SRR) and the Lunar and Planetary Institute, from 27 to 31 October, at Cape Canaveral, Florida, US. The conference engaged scientists, engineers, industry and organizations in the review of recent activities and the coordinated preparation of the next steps on the Moon.

Lunex and ILEWG organizes Young Lunar Explorers event at the LEAG-ICEUM-SRR conference

Lunex logo. Credits: Lunex

[Lunex Press Release - 23.10.2008]
The Lunar Explorers Society (Lunex) and ILEWG are organizing this year’s Young Lunar Explorers (YLE) event together with the department of Physics & Space Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), which will be held in conjunction with the LEAG-ICEUM-SRR conference at Cape Canaveral.

Call for abstracts for the International Lunar Conference 2008 (LEAG/ILEWG/SRR)

ILEWG Logo. Credits: ILEWG

[ILEWG Press Release - 13.07.2008]
Here is the 2nd call for abstracts for the International Lunar Conference 2008 (annual meeting of Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), the ICEUM ILEWG Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon, and the Space Resources Roundtable (SRR X)), please note that the abstract deadline is July 31st. This conference is probably the most important conference dedicated to the exploration and utilization of the moon worldwide, and it is a great opportunity for students, young professionals and seasoned lunar experts alike to present their work. Students receive a discount on the registration fee, and there will also be a special session called "Young Lunar Explorers and Outreach Events" for all interested parties at Florida Institute of Technology the days before the conference. Last year (at ICEUM9 in Sorrento, Italy) this event was a great success. Below follows some information about the conference.

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