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Astrobotic Unveils Lower Lunar Delivery Pricing

Astrobotic's Griffin Lunar lander hardware.  Credits: Astrobotic

[Astrobotic Press Release - 08.07.2013]
Astrobotic Technology Inc. has unveiled lower pricing for its lunar delivery services in its updated Payload User’s Guide released today. Now scientists, advertisers, engineers, artists, and other lunar visionaries can secure space aboard Astrobotic’s 2015 lunar mission for 30% less than previously published rates.

NASA Selects Astrobotic to Demonstrate Asteroid and Moon Landing Technology

Astrobotic's Griffin Lunar lander.  Credits: Astrobotic

[Astrobotic Press Release - 04.04.2013]
Last week Astrobotic successfully flew a sensor package designed to guide spacecraft safely to the surface of asteroids, moons, planets, and beyond. The flight occurred on an unmanned helicopter operated by a pilot on the ground.

Astrobotic Technology publishes call for lunar payloads

Astrobotic Technology logo. Credits: Astrobotic Technology

[Astrobotic Press Release - 15.03.2010]
Astrobotic Technology Inc. is soliciting expressions of interest and associated information regarding prospective payloads for AstroboticTM missions to the surface of the moon. The call is open to companies, universities, governments and individuals. Responses are sought in four contexts:

1. Confirm and Characterize Water
Payloads and investigations are sought to detect and characterize a measureable amount of water, methane, ammonia or other volatile. Early destinations are outside permanent shadow regions.

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